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We have the capability to work with high-resolution digital formats (up to 384 kHz) without the need for conversion. Additionally, we can work with 1/4” analog tape using Studer preview reproducers to keep the process in the analog domain.  Pre-mastering can be carried out using either analog or digital processing methods. Digital audio can be delivered via a download link, or we can process analog tapes and physical digital formats such as CD, DAT, PCM1630, DDP, and HDD. Our engineers have extensive experience across a wide spectrum of music genres, ranging from dance (techno, house, drum ‘n bass) and popular music to classical, ambient, and jazz compositions. For us, mastering goes beyond a simple conversion of supplied audio into a cut on lacquer or DMM. We specialize in mastering audio for vinyl to provide that distinctive finishing touch. Once your tracks have been mastered, we can provide you with mastered versions via a download link, suitable for streaming services, digital downloads, or as a backup copy. As an additional service, we also offer mastering for CD manufacturing and archive restoration (prices available upon request).


Whether you refer to it as an LP, twelve-inch, disco plate, black gold, wax, or album (with no plural form), we’re eager to manufacture it for you. We specialize in pressing 12″ records on either 140 or 180-gram vinyl. We use the highest quality PVC material that is stabilized with tin and calcium zinc, adhering to the high standards outlined by REACH. This ensures that our PVC is eco-friendly and well-prepared for the future. Choose from a diverse range of vinyl colors, including both transparent and opaque options. We’re confident you’ll discover the perfect hue for your release. While we offer suggested color combinations for inspiration, please note that outcomes may vary per order due to differing color ratios in each record. On our 12″ records, blending colors can result in a flamed effect or even a completely new shade, thanks to a unique mixing and heating process during pressing. You also have the option to mix colors within a single order, such as 200 black, 300 red, and 300 blue, with no additional charges beyond the setup fees and standard extra charges for colored vinyl. Please bear in mind that while our colored vinyl meets high-quality standards, audio pressed on non-black vinyl may be more susceptible to slightly elevated noise levels, occasional clicks in the lead-in and lead-out grooves, or in quieter parts of the recording.


AFG provides a diverse range of printing and packaging options. For 12″ records, our standard label size is 100 mm. We recommend supplying label artwork in CMYK for optimal results and cost-effectiveness; pantone colors on labels may undergo color shifts due to exposure to heat. You have the freedom to choose custom-printed sleeves for your order, with options including embossing, unique die-cuts, special finishes, or foils. Our standard board, of GC1 quality, offers a double white surface and is well-suited for printing on the backside. Additionally, we offer other board types with grey or brown backing, as well as kraft board. In addition to standard gatefolds, we can provide triple gatefolds for 12″ records. We also offer printing of special inserts like uniquely numbered download cards, posters, booklets, or stickers as part of our service. For releases that require extra special packaging to enhance their value, we’re here to offer guidance on the available options. This may involve crafting custom-made box sets, with numerous variations possible. We’re up for the challenge of complex packaging designs. Please direct any inquiries about such projects to

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